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Where are these masks produced?

Our products are hand crafted in our family owned Texas facility using locally sourced materials. Our equipment and processes are uniquely suited to fulfill any size orders while maintaining our exacting standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Do you sell masks for young children?

No. The CDC recommends that although most people should wear a face mask, there are some exceptions to this. The following people should not wear them: - Children under two years old - People with breathing problems - People who can't remove the mask without assistance, such as those who are incapacitated or disabled. However, our small size masks fit most children over the age of 8.

What are the masks made of?

The masks are made using 3 different layers for maximum protection.

  • The inner layer is a high thread count 100% cotton which is soft and cool on the face
  • Inside is a non-woven, droplet repllent interfacing
  • The outter layer is a tightly woven cotton batik or print with unique and eye catching designs.
We also use a high quality thread and double stitch everything. Everything on the mask is machine washable.

Do these masks work like the N95 or surgical masks?

These face masks are not substitutes for N95, surgical, or procedural masks. They are also not FDA approved. However, if used correctly the masks can minimize the potential for person-to-person droplet transmission when combined with physical distancing. Learn more here.

Why not have "One size fits all" masks?

We've tried those masks and heard your feedback. We believe everyone is equal but different. One size simply cant fit us all while providing comfort and proper protection. Incorrectly fitting masks lead to large gaps, sagging and a constant need for adjustment. We designed these masks for the active lifestyle. Use one of the sizing methods on our sizing page to find the perfect fit for you face. Then put it on and forget it's there.

What makes these masks so breathable?

The middle layer is made with an interfacing that provides both filtration and structure to hold the uniquely designed shape. This shape provides a nice gap between the mask and your mouth and nostrils therefore eliminating the suffocating feeling of having fabric pressed up against your face. This also greatly helps with decreasing muffled communication so you can speak more clearly. We have vigourously tested our masks on rock climbers, fitness instructors and athletes until we reached the perfect design.

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Comfortable breathable washable face mask. The most comfortable face mask around.

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