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The better your mask fits, the more comfortable it will be and the more effective it is in protecting yourself and those around you.

Choose a method below to find the perfect size mask for you.

sizing chart.png

Fitting Sizing Chart

All sizes come with

adjustable ear loops.

Measuring Tape Method:

Step One:

Place the end of the fabric measuring tape on the bridge of your nose.

(Level to the lowest part of your eyes)

Step Two:

Tightly stretch the measuring tape down to the bottom of your chin and mark desired location for mask to sit.

(We recommend approximately one inch under your chin)

Step Three:

Find your measurement on the sizing chart to pick out the perfect size.

Tip: If your measurement is between sizes, go with the larger size


Printable Sizing Tool Method

Click Here





To download and print sizing tool


Actual Mask Sizes

Not to be used for fitting (see above)

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